Great News Mums and Dads, BabyDam has changed bathtime for good!

BabyDam has been designed specifically to turn your family bath into your baby's own, giving them lots of room for fun and enjoyment!

Why BabyDam?

1. BabyDam will accompany your Baby while
growing from a newborn to a toddler.

2. BabyDam saves you precious water and
valuable time as you only need to fill the section of bath required.

3. BabyDam is easy to fit anywhere within the
bath to create your Baby's own space.

4. BabyDam is space-saving, easy to store and
can conveniently travel anywhere with you.

5. BabyDam is so practical, making it a must for
any busy parent.

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See how BabyDam works! click here

BabyDam Bathwater Barrier