Babydam FAQ

  • Until What Age Can I Use A BabyDam With My Child?

    There is no right answer as to what age you can continue to use BabyDam. Our most common users of the BabyDam are between newborn and 3 years, but we have some customers that use it up to the age of 7. BabyDam works very effectively with older children by leaving a small section left dry to store their bath toys.

    BabyDam can be positioned further up the bath as they grow older to give them the space they need. If you have a slightly longer bath or an L shaped bath, then BabyDam can be used for much longer with children.

  • Does BabyDam Work With L Shaped Baths?

    Yes, BabyDam works perfectly with L shaped baths when fitted into the narrower section of the bath. L shaped baths can be incredibly time and cost consuming when bathing a baby because of the larger area, because of this BabyDam works perfectly in creating a smaller area for baby.

  • How Do I Clean My BabyDam?

    Your BabyDam should only be cleaned with warm water and towel dried after use. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners of any description as this could be harmful to the product.

  • I’ve Lost My BabyDam Plug, Can I Buy A Replacement?

    Yes, you can purchase a replacement plug from here. If you are not in the UK, then please contact us directly at info@babydam.com to organise a replacement.

  • Will BabyDam Fit My Bath?

    BabyDam is designed to fit in any standard sized, UK/EURO household bath with a non textured surface.

  • Can I Use My BabyDam At Either End Of The Bath?

    Yes. BabyDam can be fitted at any point along a standard straight-sided bath. You can fill it with a shower head if you are using it at the non-tap end of the bath.

  • If My Bath Is Wet, Can I Still Fit The BabyDam?

    Yes. You have to wet the suction pads thoroughly for it to stick to the bath anyway, so this will not affect its fitting.

  • I Have Wet The Suction Pads But It Is Still Not Forming A Watertight Seal. Does This Mean My BabyDam Is Faulty?

    No, there must be a problem in the fitting. For ease, please click here to see the video of how to fit BabyDam correctly.

    You need to wet the suction pads thoroughly and push down firmly and check the seal round the rubber edging to ensure a watertight seal.

    Take a look at our Fitting page for further guidance.

  • I Just Can’t Get The BabyDam To Fit And I Have Followed The Instructions. I Also Have A Standard Sized Bath With A Non Textured Bottom.

    If you are still experiencing issues with fitting the BabyDam, please email us photos of how you are fitting the BabyDam to info@babydam.com. We can then provide further assistance.

  • How Do I Know How Much Water To Fill The Bath With?

    With a newborn it is important to fill it with water to just above the newborn baby’s shoulders to keep them warm. Once your child is able to sit up, the bath can be filled to a higher depth by fitting one of the plugs supplied into the safety porthole.

    There is a clear mark on the BabyDam for the recommended maximum water depth to help you.

  • Can The BabyDam Be Used For Pets?

    Yes. The BabyDam can also be used to bathe small pets very effectively. Simply section off the required area of the bath and fill to the desired depth. 

  • Can The BabyDam Be Used With Newborn Babies?

    Yes. The BabyDam can be used with young babies from the outset with no need to buy a traditional baby bath. It is the only baby bath that grows with your baby, it can be moved up the bath and positioned as they grow accordingly.

    When using BabyDam with a newborn, section off a smaller area away from the taps section and fill to just above the newborns shoulders. If you remove the safety porthole it will allow you to identify the minimum mark to fill the water up to. You can then either support your baby with two hands when washing or use a baby bath cradle with the BabyDam very easily.

    Can’t find the answer to what you’re looking for? Feel free to drop us an email at info@babydam.com.