BabyDam SuperSnug ChangeMat

BabyDam SuperSnug ChangeMat

£24.99 £21.99

£24.99 £21.99

The gently sloping SuperSnug ChangeMat is super comfy during changing, play and massage. 

The elevated head position promotes better eye contact with the parent, offering added security and comfort for the baby. The elevated head position also helps to aid reflux symptoms in baby providing comfort and stability.*

The base on which the baby lays is 50mm thick reducing to 25mm, creating the gentle slope. If baby has an unexpected accident on the mat, the gentle sloping design ensures that it runs away from the baby, hence making the mat even easier to clean off after use.

This unique design is made and formed from a high quality foam inner and finished with an easy wipe clean, outer cover.

Measurements: Height 70cm x Width 45cm x 10cm side bolsters
*According to NCT, keeping baby upright during and for at least half an hour after a feed can help to reduce reflux by using gravity to keep the milk down.

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